About the Academy

The new City Heights Academy is an exciting new secondary school designed to deliver an excellent 21st century education to local children and for the wider community in Tulse Hill and North Streatham.

The new City Heights E-ACT Academy will address the demand for secondary school pupils within Lambeth. A statistical analysis of pupil places by postcode demonstrates that the postcodes SW2 and SW16 are the areas in most need of further secondary provision. The Fenstanton site of the new Academy is located centrally within these postcodes.

The Academy will provide 900 places for pupils aged 11-16 and a further 200 places for young people aged 16- 18.

The Academy will open for 180 Year 7s in temporary accommodation in Somerleyton Road from September 2013.

In September 2014 a new group of Year 7s will join the then Year 8s in a brand new purpose-built school building. The school will then grow year on year as the original pupils progress through the school. 

There will be exciting approaches to learning that involve and bring out the best in the Academy's young people. Students identified as gifted and talented will, in addition to personalised learning within timetabled lessons, benefit from a range of extension opportunities, such as master-classes and focused visits. Similarly, students with additional needs will have their learning requirements met through individual programmes.

E-ACT believes that students who are healthy, safe and happy are best placed to learn and achieve. The proposed Academy will provide student services and work with other agencies to support the government's Every Child Matters agenda, doing all it can to support children in their learning.

City Heights is proud to be part of the Windmill Cluster of Schools. Click here for more information about the Windmill Cluster Group.

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Upcoming Events

- Monday 5th January 2015

School re-opens on Tuesday 6th January at 8.30 a.m.

Parent Evenings January 2015:

Year 7: Thursday 15th January
5 - 7.30 p.m

Year 8: Thursday 12th February 
5 - 7.30 p.m


Character Attributes

Grit Perseverance in the pursuit of long-term goals.
A determination to overcome obstacles that lie in the way.

Zest  Invigorating enthusiasm and excitement for what they do. 
An energy and positivity which enthuses others around them.

Optimism Hopefulness and confidence about the future. A belief that they have the ability to create "future truths" through their own efforts.

Social Intelligence 
An understanding of how to work effectively with other students and adults productively. Able to resolve conflict or disagreement and to consider the feelings and motivations of others.

Self-control and organisation  Able to plan in advance in order to be well prepared for any activity. Able to focus on the expected activity and to resist outside distractions.

Curiosity A desire to try new activities and to find out new things. An ability to ask questions and listen carefully in order to achieve new skills and understanding